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Introducing Our New Blog – “Envision the Future”

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Welcome to our very first blog post at Envision Insights! My first blog post as a founder and managing partner here at Envision Insights marks my transition from leading data analytics initiatives in large organizations to assisting small and medium-sized businesses adapt to the AI future, which has been nothing short of a dream come true. Together with a team of colleagues I deeply respect, we’ve embarked on this journey to share our collective experience with businesses that want to embrace the future…but aren’t sure exactly where to start.

Our aim with this blog series is straightforward: to explore the integration of AI within business strategies, understand its impact on the workforce, simplify the complex world of AI technology, and confront the realities of a changing business landscape. While our expertise spans various disciplines of data analytics, machine learning, and engineering, our focus will remain on practical, actionable advice that businesses can apply today.

That doesn’t mean we’ve lost sight of the more “traditional” data and analytics that should form the foundation of any modern organization. Things like customer segmentation, predictive modeling, digital marketing optimization, lifetime value forecasting, and many more. These tools, which we’ve dedicated a significant part of our career working with, remain as important today as they were when I was a young analyst. However, all these data-driven approaches are enhanced through emergent AI technologies, and making sure organizations have a grasp of both the fundamentals and the future state is critical for success.

The AI Transformation Journey

The shift towards the use of both analytical insight and generative AI in business isn’t just about emerging technology; it’s about completely rethinking operational, decision-making, and value-creation models. Moving away from traditional methods to more integrated, strategic approaches is key. At Envision Insights, we’re here to guide organizations through this transition, bringing a multi-disciplinary approach that draws from systems theory, decision science, strategy, and cybernetics to provide our clients with a real chance at thriving in the AI future.

But if there is one thing that I hope sets us apart from others, it is our focus on the human element of this structural and societal change. Over the last 13 months, I’ve been conducting a variety of presentations, lunch-and-learns, and webinars with hundreds of business people eager to learn more about how to adapt these tools to both their work and their everyday lives. In this process, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many diverse people from all levels about generative AI, and a sense of both excitement and anxiety permeates these conversations. It inspired me to join forces with talented data leaders I trust to start Envision Insights and focus my energy on helping people navigate through this change.

But to do this, to really help individuals, we believe it’s important to start by helping organizations:

– Build adaptable systems that can withstand and evolve with rapid technological change.

– Embrace a flexible leadership style, encourage innovation and experimentation, and promote learning.

– Improve decision-making with enhanced analytics and insights.

– Focus on AI ethics, ensuring advancements benefit everyone involved.

As we face a new era, the real question isn’t if AI will change the business world, that’s a given, but rather how businesses can adapt and thrive in this new environment. Partnering with Envision Insights means not just preparing for what’s next but actively participating in shaping that future.

I hope you’ll join us as we explore the ways AI is changing business, society, and humanity at large. My commitment to you is that the blog will include fresh, open, and honest perspectives and not a bunch of “consultant speak” … rather it should provide serious dialogue on how we can embrace and shape the future. And yes, every blog post will have been created by a human for the benefit of humans. We hope you enjoy it!

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